Preparatory work for connection of the GBPay system is conducted

"GBPау LLC” does not make payments till launch of a system,
at start of a system will be uploaded the relevant information to the main website.


A secure and reliable system!
All types of banking services.
Financial transactions performed automatically.


All functions in a single Cabinet!
Connection via REST API.

Services "GBPay" LLC


The minimum percent for transactions! Exchange digital fiat and cryptocurrencies in the Office!

GBPay Blockchain

Crypto - C.I.C.C information channel. – for banks! Storage and performing transactions in cryptocurrency from TOP-15 list!

Mobile bank

Multi-bank in a pocket. Download the NFC program to iPhone/Android and pay purchases without purse!


The automated banking system of GBPay. Speed! Reliability! Security! To clients – all types of banking services!

Gbpay Cards

GBPay cards Settlement account. Debit cards. Multiple currency - a GBPay system brand!


Timely information about events in the system GBPay!