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Countering transnational organized crime, money laundering, terrorism financing and money laundering.

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  • Signed an extended agreement with the State Service of "Soyuz Antiterror" to combat transnational organized crime, money laundering, terrorism financing and money laundering.

    Based on the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, adopted byresolution 55/25The General Assembly of November 15, 2000, the Criminal Code Article 205.1. Facilitating terrorist activities and other legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

    Cspruce conclusion of the agreement is cooperation in a more effective prevention of transnational organized crime and the fight against it, which increases the reliability GBPay system in the world.

    Often offenses shall include offenses committed both within and outside the jurisdiction of the State. However, offenses committed outside the jurisdiction of any State, are predicate offenses in the world.

    Taking into account the activities of criminal elements, in money laundering using a variety of payment systems, and established a comprehensive domestic regulatory and supervisory regime for banks and non-bank financial institutions, in terms of money-laundering, within its competence, in order to deter and detect all forms of money-laundering, GBPay introduces requirements for customer identification, record-keeping and the reporting of suspicious transactions x.

    The agreement takes into account the procedures for the confiscation and seizure of accounts, the proceeds of crime or property the value of which corresponds to such proceeds or seizure of property, equipment or other instrumentalities used or intended for use in the commission of crimes.

    The parties agreed to establish a requirement that the offender demonstrate the lawful origin of alleged proceeds of crime or other property liable to confiscation, to the extent that such a requirement is consistent with the principles of domestic law and the nature of judicial and other proceedings.

    One of the main pillars of the agreement is to provide one another the widest measure of mutual legal assistance in investigations, prosecutions and judicial proceedings in relation to offenses, if the requesting Party has reasonable grounds to suspect that an offense is transnational in nature and, in particular, that victims, witnesses, proceeds, instrumentalities or evidence of such offenses are located in the requested State, and that the commission that transgress eniya involves an organized criminal group.

    The agreement is another step in the development of the system GBPay.


    Reference. State Service "Union Antiterror" is the only in Russia, which was created to preserve and improve Multiyear experience in operational work of the KGB, now the only public service, which actively opposes the criminalization of obstruction of justice. The service known for its investigations into not only the theft of assets of the Soviet peoples, but also the requirements of the President of Russia to bring to criminal responsibility of public officials, mired in terrorism, murder, corruption, embezzlement of public assets, guilty of high treason.

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