Corporate Regulation and Control Department


Corporate Regulation and Control Department is a structural unit of GBPay LLC responsible for exercising corporate policy and legal regulation of the Company operations.

The Department performs the following functions within its area of competency:

- drafting internal regulations, developing proposals on regulating estimated value of the services provided by GBPay LLC;

- organizing interaction with the governments of various countries, including development and approval of financial projects;

- supporting the participation of GBPay LLC representatives in international activities;

- preparing proposals on the development of corporate policies and regulatory documents related to cooperation and integration of other banking systems with GBPay payment platform by GBPay LLC;

- drafting internal regulations related to the development of branches and offices of the Company in compliance with the international legislation;

- organizing regular monitoring of social and economic processes in the financial markets by branches and offices of the Company; submitting quarterly reports to the Board of Directors;

- drafting regulatory documents aimed at improving information collection and processing technologies as required for the operation of GBPay LLC payment platform;

- verifying all third-party requests and appeals to the Company.

GBPay LLC shall adopt any documents, sign contracts, make final decisions on legal regulation of its operations strictly after approval by the Corporate Regulation and Control Department. All official documents of the Company shall be registered and placed under special control by the Security Service of GBPay LLC.

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