Fraud Management Department


Within a short period, GBPay LLC, with support from the United Nations, established partner relations with international organizations working against financial fraud and terrorism worldwide.
Fraud Management Department functions:

- developing and improving instruments to regulate coordination with various government structures, with United Nations support;

- processing information on any unauthorized third-party schemes (fraud manifestations) received from the respective international systems and banking networks;

- analysis of any fraud cases identified and prevented, which were carried out using GBPay LLC credentials;

- analyzing information received from third parties to identify GBPay LLC infrastructure compromised using GBPay LLC credentials;

- analyzing information on disputed financial transactions carried out using GBPay plastic card credentials;

- interaction between GBPay and third-party organizations with the aim of preventing fraud using GBPay credentials;

- preparing the documentation needed to support the Department functions related to provision of information to competent authorities for investigation of criminal cases on the charges of fraud using GBPay LLC credentials;

- making the final decision on suspending, restarting transactions or deleting transactions and/or completely deleting exchange files for other international systems from GBPay platform;

- making the final decision on terminating cooperation with organizations found to be involved in fraud;

- developing and optimizing rules regarding monitoring thresholds in case of fraud attacks; - making decisions on account suspension in case of identifying any organizations, banks or individuals to be involved in fraud, and blacklisting said entities with GBPay LLC and its partner organizations.

Beware: every fraudulent action will be prosecuted!

The gravity of any illegal action related to unlawful seizure of monetary resources or proprietary in-kind interests is determined based on the amount of misappropriated funds or value of the property seized. This material interpretation of the crime is called ‘damage’ and can be classified as considerable, major or particularly large-scale.

Maximum punishment for using their own lies, others’ gullibility or benevolence is imposed on criminal groups bound by common goals and interests on a lasting basis, or other categories of criminals causing damage (including moral damage) of a substantial scale to the victims.

For collaboration, please contact GBPay LLC Fraud Management Department at the following address: [email protected]