Provided by GBPay LLC to banks,
financial institutions and customers

Processing center

GBPay LLC has its own processing center. The processing center is the technological core of the payment system. It operates under close supervision to guarantee real-time processing of intense transaction flow and ensure sustainable and reliable operation of the payment system.

Our processing center can serve many geographically distributed points at the same time. From the structural point of view, data transmission network becomes an integral element of the payment system.

GBPay LLC processing center is located in Russia.


This is the procedure for handling information generated by payment transactions. GBPay processes 300,000 transactions in half a second – respectively, 600,000 transaction a second – ten times faster than VISA and MasterCard, which are declared to handle up to 65,000 transactions a second.

Financial transactions security

Unprecedented security!

The unique advantage of GBPay system is its security. SPC GBP (Security of Payments on Cards by Geo Block Payments System) consists of ten communication channels with end-to-end encryption, protecting financial transactions executed by customers, issuing banks and other financial institutions against hacker attacks.

REST API is a software intermediary. Central banks, partner banks and other financial institutions are connected (integrated) with GBPay system via REST API.

Safe GBPay Customer’s Personal Cabinet offers some electronic banking features in a convenient single location: storage, conversion, transfers, deposits and withdrawals, partner programs and current information on all banking transactions.

Personal Cabinet features:

Order a Black Priority Pass multicurrency card – GBPay LLC own brand.

GBPay plastic cards can work with the infrastructure of several other payment systems (co-badging), enabling purchases and payments in many countries except USA, Canada, Great Britain and Japan.

The limits on cash withdrawal are up to 15,000 euros daily and up to 100,000 in a single transaction (or an equivalent amount in foreign currencies).

Buying GBCN tokens, a digital equivalent of GBPay LLC shares. Token exchange rate depends on the Company’s operating performance and shows a stable upward trend.

Instant transfers of funds between the Customers:

- within GBPay system – 0% transaction fee;

- to other payment systems – 1.2% transaction fee.

Partner program offers rewards to Active Customers.

A Customer buying one or more service packages – Business, Professional or Universal (see SERVICES section) enables the Customers to receive bonus rewards under the Company’s bonus program.

An active Customer bringing new clients to the united customer network of the Company receives bonuses and increases his/her active revenue.

Franchise mechanism enables the Customers to sign up legal entities – banks and other financial institutions – using their personal referrer links and receive a reward of 0.1-0.2% of the respective entity’s turnover. This way, an active Customer can also receive a source of passive revenue.

A Customer can view the Partner Program bonus statistics in their Personal Cabinet – Safe GBPay.

Built-in Currency Exchange. Convert currencies (rubles, dollars, Euro, and other national currencies) within a single Cabinet, without using third-party services, exchanges or other wallets, at the most profitable rate. 0.5% transaction charge.

Built-in Stock Exchange offers an opportunity to trade in all leading currencies of the world.


Acquiring is a method of payment for goods and services using GBPay plastic cards, whether online or via POS terminals.

Acquiring types:

- merchant acquiring. Payment for goods and services using a POS terminal;

- Online acquiring enables payment via GBPay plastic cards via the Internet. To make payment, the customer enters card data on a merchant’s website. The funds are debited from the user’s accounts in Safe GBPay Personal Cabinet.

A mobile application for Android and iOS is in the works, which will let customers use NFC technology for contactless payments from their accounts in Safe GBPay Personal Cabinet.

Payroll projects

Ruble GBPay cards are perfectly suited for payroll projects. Organizations remotely distribute salaries to their employees’ accounts. A partner bank connected to the GBPay system transfers the funds to the employees’ plastic card accounts, from which they can withdraw cash at any ATMs serving Visa and MasterCard cards, or purchase goods and services.

The payment process is completely automated.

Social benefits

A banking service that enables the customers to receive various forms of social benefits, pensions, students’ scholarships, which will be credited to a bank account or ruble card issued by any partner bank of GBPay LLC.

The funds can be withdrawn via a teller at any bank office or via an ATM at any convenient time, no fees charged.

Mortgage and auto loans at 2-5%.

Loans are provided by the Built-in Bank using the P2P lending ecosystem for the most active Customers.

Social Network has been created for the convenience of GBPay Customers. It helps promote and develop any Customer’s business. All messages are protected with end-to-end encryption.